Crystals and Essential Oils for Cord Cutting

Crystals and Essential Oils for Cord Cutting

Which crystals and essential oils are helpful for cord cutting?

Gently combing a black obsidian arrow head through your aura, the 6” around your body, will give you a lighter sensation. You can feel similarly when using a selenite wand.

For specific cord cutting - snowflake obsidian is preferred if the stone if the stone elixir is touching your skin. Why is that? Glad you asked! Black obsidian has a tendency to exacerbate the feeling of depression when you wear it, hold it, or have it near for an extended period of time. Snowflake obsidian still has the fast-acting properties of black obsidian without the guilt. Like chocolate pudding vs. 10-layer chocolate cake. Still tastes chocolatey but won’t weigh you down for long periods of time. Obsidian is created from volcanos. The molecular structure is fast acting, making it ideal for cutting cords. Snowflake Obsidian helps relieve anger, release resentment, and eliminate those pesky unhelpful behaviors we have.

Now on to essential oils…

We make a cord cutting crystal-infused oil and spray. The essential oils chosen are blue cypress, blue tansy, chamomile, geranium, grapefruit, jasmine, lavandin, lime, rose, sandalwood, spearmint, tangerine, and ylang-ylang. This combination was specifically chosen for its ability to send a signal to your body (mental, emotional, and physical) to release what no longer serves you.

Blue Cypress – lifts the spirits and stimulates happiness

Blue Tansy – clears the energy field (and your skin!) creating confidence

Chamomile – eases anxiety, depression (and calms the belly)

Geranium – emotionally grounding and supportive

Grapefruit – reduces stress, enhances your mood (improves digestion)

Jasmine – increases alertness as it calms the nerves (that sounds perfect!)

Lavandin – (yep, not lavender!) brings vibrancy that will get you out of any stagnation

Lime – nature’s internal cleanser (cut cords inside and out!)

Rose – vibrates life force (chi)

Sandalwood – balances chakras and instills a sense of inner peace

Tangerine – brightens your attitude

Ylang-ylang – fights fatigue and repels unwanted bugs!


Now your next question might be, how often should I do cord cutting? The first time you cut your cords, likely you’ll experience a huge sensation of relief. Notice how you feel in a few days. Do you feel weighed down? That’s the (emotional, physical, mental) body’s signal to cord cut. The signal may come once a week or once a month. There could be a period of time where you’re cutting cords a couple of days in a row. There’s no right or wrong. Do what feels good to you. Enjoy the feeling of relief you receive from the cord cutting oil on your body or the spray in your personal environment.

Renee Robertson, is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and Licensed NJ Massage Therapist. This information has been gathered over a lifetime of clients and self-practice.

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