Which crystals and essential oils are helpful for your Awakening Journey?

Which crystals and essential oils are helpful for your Awakening Journey?

Howlite provides patience and is most often used for spiritual awakening. Live in a harmony with your mind, body, and spirit. Connect to your true knowing and feel further than what is directly in front of your eyes with the help of howlite.

Howlite crystal bracelets worn all day long will enhance your conscious work while you are removing the blocks in your mind that hinder you from seeing things without the constructs of what you’ve been taught. Keep questioning everything to break these barriers. Even if the questions are only to yourself in your mind. Enjoy this awakening of your mind.

The howlite crystals in the Awake oil are meditated upon with an open third eye. This energy is infused to the crystals. The crystals then infuse the oil and the energies can be felt with a simple roll or spray.

Now on to essential oils…

We make Awake crystal-infused oil and spray. The essential oils are angelica root, bay, carrot seed, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, galbanum, lavender, neroli, nutmeg, peppermint, and rosemary. This combination was specifically chosen for its ability to send a signal to your body (mental, emotional, and physical) to awaken to the universe and break through the thoughts, judgments, and conclusions built by society.

Angelica Root – trouble sleeping when thoughts roll around in our mind

Bay –digestion (body and mind!)

Carrot Seed – brain function, visions, gain insights

Clary Sage – calming the mind, tranquility

Cypress – comforts during grief and sadness, inner peace

Frankincense – improves memory, breaking ties with the past

Galbanum – allows for emotional growth (raises the vibrational frequency of other oils)

Lavender – washes away conflict and indecisiveness

Neroli – eliminates negative thought patterns

Nutmeg – stimulates insight, clarity and mental concentration

Peppermint – regeneration, vibrancy

Rosemary – memory, longevity

This combination of oils and crystals will open your third eye and open you to a spiritual awakening. You can certainly use the roller and spray anytime you’d like. I personally use it before interacting with others…a client meeting, a like-minded friends get-together, and when I get a reading. Often, I’ll roll Meditation oil and spray Awake to really boost my meditation.

Here are a few other ways we can benefit from Awake:

  • when practicing yoga, qigong

  • going on a health and wellness retreat

  • flying on an airplane

  • going out in nature

  • before an exam

  • before a séance

  • when reading your mantras

  • goal writing

  • working with a crystal grid


Renee Robertson, is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and Licensed NJ Massage Therapist. This information has been gathered over a lifetime of clients and self-practice.

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