About Us

Reneé Robertson, Founder and Chief Curator

My introduction to meditation began after my parent’s divorce. When my mother moved in with her new boyfriend, I met the next-door neighbors. Two moms with their two sons. They lived a vegan lifestyle and sat with me, a nine-year-old, for hours a week…simply meditating. Since that time, I’ve lived my life questioning reality and the structures of society. That lead to a bunch of crazy times including a detour into the mainstream business world and marriage.

During my years in the corporate world I gravitated towards self-improvement books and motivational speakers. Even with filling my mind with positive 'you-can-do-it stuff', I still felt the weight of the world on my shoulders, my chest, my lungs... In 2011 the corporate office closed over 160 offices due to their gross mismanagement of advertising funds, I reluctantly turned to anti-anxiety medications for 6 months and that was the end of the corporate world for me! I knew there was a better way and I was seeking it out.

I joke with my girlfriends that we’re classy…we are always taking classes. I love the traditions of reiki healing and became a reiki master. Growing up with crystals in the house it was natural to use them as a healing tool. When my oldest son broke his arm, my younger son questioned urgent care being a place of healing. After he checked the desk drawers he asked, “where are the crystals?”. My heart space energy grew in that moment.

These days you can catch me at home practicing ashtanga, vinyasa, and yin yoga. Meditation, repeating mantras, and reading non-fiction are in my morning routine. I’m a spiritual believer, not religious. Intuition, mindfulness, and prayer are my way of life. And lots of other joyful and boring things!

As a busy single mom I found myself neglecting my self-care until I created a routine with crystals, oils, and sprays. It was truly life changing. My mind fog cleared-up. I was living a purposeful life. I knew I had to get this out to others who were struggling with self-care and life/work/family balance.

Sparkles and Spirit exists to inspire you to live your life with more ease and joy. To be authentic to this cause, we offer simple and easy products to everyday stresses.

The crystals used are hand selected to ensure they have the vibration and vibrancy to connect to the intentions of the oils and sprays. Crystals come from all over the world. We take care in making sure stones are ethically sourced.

I care about helping others, especially helping them to feel better about who they are without them feeling like the have to change who they are. You can feel this in everything Sparkles and Spirit does, every product we make, every item we sell.

With your support, the products we make and the messages we communicate are better than what we did 6 months ago. And the work we’ll do in 6 months from now will be better than the work we’re doing now. Yessss!

Until Sparkles and Spirit is sponsored, the brand of essential oils we use will not be disclosed. Be assured our essential oils are organic and of the highest quality. Sponsors, please connect with us!

My sons and I hand pack each box to ensure it arrives without damage. It’s important to us that you are pleased with what you have purchased. Feel free to email 24/7. Contact Us is right on the Main Menu. I will message back in a timely manner and take care of your concerns. Always with gratitude!

What else did I want to share that didn’t fit into this bio? Glad you asked…

My all-time favorite movie is “Stuck on You”

Since 2004 I’ve donated to the Smiles Train charity

I'm a licensed massage therapist

My computer files are very unorganized

I make my bed every morning

I eat too many carbs on a daily basis

A Subaru Forester is parked in my driveway

Flip-flops are my favorite shoes

I grew up in Austin, TX, on Lake Travis in a tiny town called Volente (where Brené Brown spent her summers as a girl...which I read in her book, we're not friends yet)

I’m ambidextrous

Sun in Gemini

Moon in Aquarius

Venus in Cancer

Leo Rising

I didn’t pronounce supposedly properly until I was in my 30's

My favorite yoga tank says “Go Sage Yourself”

I'm familiar with dating a narcissist 

Huge fan of emojis

Thanks for reading this my sparkly friend...now go and add a bunch of cool items to your cart! XOXO