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Attraction Tree bundle

Attraction Tree bundle

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 You've all seen that person in action...the one that can attract money with a smile, tempt you into doing something out of character, entice you to buy, stir your imagination until you feel seduced into an idea, create a fascination within you for what they do and stand for, and just flat out charm you into feeling you're the only person in the room that matters. You can create that magnetic force between yourself an another. Attraction is a power. Increase your innate ability to assist others and create positive changes with Attraction. 

Put the tree any space you tend to find yourself in the most, this will assist in attracting your wants and needs. 

(1) Mixed tourmaline Tree $25.00

(1) 2 oz Attraction crystal-infused spray $16.00

(1) Attraction crystal-infused oil $14.00

(1) Mixed Tourmaline bracelet $12.00

Regularly $83.00 

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