Sparkles and Spirit

Dating Through Your Chakras


Are you...

going over each date in your mind over and over again?

trying so hard to impress your dates?

left feeling empty after online interactions?

hopeful and then let down within days?

concerned about being ghosted?

What if you knew what was right for you without all the angst and worry? Dating Through Your Chakras is a personal journey that will strengthen your clarity, eliminate what isn't important, empower you to date to find your true soulmate. 

This journey includes:

  • Chakra Basics
  • Identifying empowered and dis-empowered chakras
  • How to empower chakras
  • Crystals for chakras
  • Mantras and mind-shifts
  • Your personal chakra dating chart
  • Your dating mentality
  • The qualities of a match for you
  • What to do about a match or mix match
  • Weekly Zoom calls

What you'll need for this course:

  • Notebook and pen
  • Set of 7 crystals of your choosing (the Dating Through Your Chakra's Set can be purchases on this site)

Add this course and check-out now to change your dating life forever.

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