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Sparkles and Spirit

Energy Neutralizer crystal bundle

Energy Neutralizer crystal bundle

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This is the carefully selected crystal package all things Energy Neutralizer.  

Essential oils of palo santo, rose absolute, and sage with black tourmaline and  smoky quartz crystals in rose water for the spray and grapeseed oil for the roller.

Use these crystal-infused products to cleanse you and your space (home, office, car) of negative emotions and energy.

The crystals and essential oils help to clear negativity in your space and mind. Enjoy the aromas without the smoke and cleanup of traditional smudging.

(1) Black Tourmaline chip bracelet $8.00

(1) Smoky Quartz nugget bracelet $12.00

(1) Sage bundle $6.00

(1) Palo Santo stick $3.00

(1) 4oz Energy Neutralizer Crystal-Infused Spray $22.00

Regularly $51.00

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