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Sparkles and Spirit

Hot and Flashy Crystal-Infused Oil

Hot and Flashy Crystal-Infused Oil

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Feeling a lil' warm...all the comes and goes...this is a great blend of essential oils to let the body know to chill-out. 

Roll on the skin to feel the waves of cool and calm. 

The crystals and essential oils magnify the energies of body balance.

Angelica - removes negative feelings and restores calm

Carrot seed- lowers blood pressure, releases trapped emotions

Geranium- manages pain, inflammation, depression

Fennel- calm, courage

Ametrine - cleanses, harmonizes and energizes the systems of the body. Helpful in weight regulation and cravings.

Orange Garnet - restores lost energy, increases motivation

.33 FL OZ / 10 ML roller ball with metal roller in grapeseed oil.

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