Sparkles and Spirit

Serpentine and Onyx fairy bracelet


Serpentine aids in spiritual exploration including the pathways for kundalini energy, retrieval of wisdom, and memories of past lives. Corrects mental and emotional imbalances. Intensely cleansing and detoxifying. Eliminates parasites. Promotes compassion and forgiveness for yourself. 

Onyx gives support during stressful times. Imparts self-confidence so you can be at ease wherever you are. Alleviates overwhelming fears and worries. Nurtures wise decision making. Beneficial for teeth and bones. Absorbs and transforms negative energy; helping to prevent the drain of your personal energy. 

The Fairy represents spirituality. Feminine energy comes in all shapes and forms. Has a close relationship with humans. Feel supported by the energy of fairies.

Chakra: ALL

Astrological Sign: Gemini, Capricorn

8mm round beads of genuine Serpentine and Onyx and with a metal Fairy charm. Fits most small to medium sized wrists. Model’s wrist circumference is 6 1/2 inches. shown in last photo with 4 mm pyrite bracelet and 6mm citrine/green aventurine bracelet.

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