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Sparkles and Spirit

Set of 6 Crystal-Infused Oils

Set of 6 Crystal-Infused Oils

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One of each of our energetic crystal-infused oils. ALL 6 are yours or to gift out to your friends!
  1. Attraction - Attract anything you desire. Relationships, money, career, friendships, health, knowledge, and more. It will chase after you...that's the power of attraction!
  2. Awake - Awake oil will enhance your conscious work to remove the blocks in your mind and in your space that prevent you from seeing things as they are. Enjoy this awakening of your mind.
  3. Chakra Balancing - The crystals and essential oils assist in balancing the seven major energy centers. Feel your energy shift with the power of the reiki-infused crystals in this oil.
  4. Cord Cutting - The snowflake obsidian crystals and essential oils assist in the removal of energetic cords and attachments from the body. Feel your energy field lighten from the process of cutting cords.
  5. Happiness - The crystals and essential oils invigorate the vibe of happiness. The feelings of full enthusiasm and joyous expression are amplified through this energetic oil.
  6. Meditation - The crystals and essential oils magnify the energies of focus, concentration, and community. Feel the fluid connection in your medication practice.

Roll on the skin to connect to the energies!

6-.33 FL OZ / 10 ML glass with metal roller ball with gold cap

Essential oils with crystals in grapeseed oil.

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