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Sparkles and Spirit

Tension Tamer Crystal-Infused Oil

Tension Tamer Crystal-Infused Oil

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Feel the cares and tensions of the day fly away with this crystal-infused oil. 

Roll on the skin to sooth tight and achy muscles head to toe. 

The crystals and essential oils assist the body in eliminating tension and stress. Breathe in tranquility, exhale hurry and worry!

.33 FL OZ / 10 ML glass with metal roller ball with gold cap in grapeseed oil.

Basil - decreases tension

Clary Sage -alleviates dizziness, irritability, and anxiety

Eucalyptus - clears distractions

Helichrysum - anti-inflammatory

Lavender - relaxes the body

Peppermint- improves mental function, decreases stress

Amethyst - obtaining insights 

Hematite - detoxifies blood ailments 

Clear Quartz - provides total mind, body, spirit alignment

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