Crystals support for On Camera confidence and more!

Crystals support for On Camera confidence and more!

Hello Sparkly People!

A question I keep getting is which crystals will help me be clear and heard during a zoom meeting. During today’s work environment more of us are using technology. More of us are on camera – live! This can cause anxiety and frustration. This on camera dilemma isn’t limited to you. Our friends, our children, and relatives all could use a crystal boost.

Let’s focus on what we’d like to accomplish during these live on camera meetings.

Howlite will help with not being critical of others. This will allow you to calmly listen to others without casting judgment. This is essential. You don’t want to miss what was meant for you to hear. Howlite also enhances ambition. This energy allows you to receive the information given to you and put it into action. We may not feel so ambitious in our sweats at home in front of a computer, so we can use all the help we can get!

Also, give Sodalite a try. Sodalite eliminates fears and helps with panic attacks.

On camera fear is very common. There are classes all about overcoming this fear. Wearing Sodalite gives you confidence. With confidence we will show up on camera and speak up more often. This creates a new priority. We can focus on our message and not the fear.

Labradorite shifts your awareness to full attention. This is excellent for a really long zoom meeting that may not easily keep you engaged. Imagine being called on and your attention is on your to do list. Let’s eliminate that and focus on the meeting.

As a presenter wear Aquamarine. Aquamarine helps with direct communication, presenting your content clearly, and reduces anxiety. This way you can stay on the topic. Everyone will understand your message without confusion. And you won’t look to escape from anxiety.

Hope these suggestions help! Check out the shop at for all your crystal needs. Namaste sparkly one.

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