What brand of essential oils do you use? 

Until we get a sponsor, the brand of essential oils we use will not be disclosed. Be assured our essential oils are organic and of the highest quality. Sponsors, please connect with us!

I live near Moorestown, NJ, can I visit your showroom and see the products in person?

Yes, please contact us through our the contact us link on the main menu and we will schedule a tour.

I didn't care for the scent of the product I received, what should I do?

In our experience, sometimes when we dislike a scent...we need that energy! Consider gifting the spray/oil to a friend?

My bracelet broke, what should I do?

We welcome returns within 30 days. Outside of that time frame we suggest re-purposing the stones in a craft, placing them in a pouch for an energetic bath, or watching a YouTube video on restringing them.