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Essential Crystals for Chakra Balancing

Hello Sparkly One!

For all you crystal lovers and those who are just dipping their toes into the crystal waters, this is for you!

Crystal healing is a gift from mother earth. Literally crystals are from the womb of Pachamama. And crystals know just what to do. We don’t need to tell them anything. Though, it’s always a great idea to ask for what you’d like to attract.

Crystal healing can help with our daily lives. If you’re recovering from an injury, going through heart break, boosting your immune system, suffering from insomnia or depression or PTSD or anxiety, addiction recovery, improved libido, heightened awareness and so much more.

Your chakras can feel imbalanced in many ways. You may be feeling out of touch in your relationships, easily upset with yourself or others, unmotivated, unloved, unable to be honest with someone, unfocused in your daily routine or lacking a routine, or maybe just feeling uncaring towards others because of all of the chaos in the world. Right now we’ll focus on the essential crystals to use to balance our chakras. And go ahead and share this now with a friend that is ready to raise their vibration.

We’ll start with your root chakra. Red Jasper will revive your sense of security in the world. It grounds you and supports you. Keeping a Red Jasper in your pocket will send the vibe to your root chakra area.

Carnelian will bolster the pleasure you take in living your life. Feel the difference this makes in the area just below your belly button. Wearing a bracelet with carnelian is a customer favorite. There is one with a Ganesh charm that represents removing obstacles. Perfect for balancing your sacral chakra.

Citrine is the go-to crystal to build-up your confidence and self-worth. Since the Solar Plexus chakra is right above the belly-button I prefer to put citrine crystals in fruit diffuser bottle. This way I’m benefiting from a confidence boost all day as I drink crystal-infused water. If you feel you’re receiving any benefit from this video go ahead and touch the like button. Thank you!

When we stay in gratitude, just being thankful for that person who hit the like button, or opened the door for you, the mailman who delivers in the rain, the clean drinking water in your glass, or the fact that you accomplished one item on your to-do list…makes it more challenging to look at your past…where depression resides. Green aventurine is the crystal to bring in good fortune and attract success. It heals wounded emotions. All perfect for the heart chakra. Green aventurine can be placed on your chest when you’re relaxing. I’m thinking of Shavasana.

Our throat chakra governs our communication and the ability to express all these feelings. Wearing a necklace with Sodalite or placing a sodalite crystal at your night stand brings emotional balance and harmony to the throat chakra.

Amethyst is the crystal most used to balance the third eye. Amethyst balances emotional highs and lows. And is a support during moments of grief and stress. Amethyst helps with mental focus, creating new ideas, decision making, and calming an overactive mind. This is a powerful must-have stone.

The crown chakra helps you create that spiritual connection. Whatever spiritual practice you have, wear a tiara made of clear quartz crystals. No, I’m only kidding. Sort of. I mean if you have one, please wear it. If you aren’t a lucky clear quartz tiara owner try a massage with a clear quartz tumbled stone. Wearing clear quartz can magnify your intentions of connection and bliss.

If you like easy, you can find all of these stones in the chakra balancing crystal-infused oils and sprays in our shop.

Hope these suggestions help! Check out the shop at for all your crystal needs. Namaste sparkly one.

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