Why do we need to cut cords? Cord Cutting Explained

Why do we need to cut cords? Cord Cutting Explained

Cord Cutting 

Sometimes we feel something is tugging or pulling on our energy.

We may feel something holding us back or blocking us in some way.

In the energetic healing world this is often known as a cord. The cord is hooked into our energy field - our actual electromagnetic field. Cords may be due to all kinds of everyday occurrences, encounters, or a traumatic event. 

For instance, once you become acquainted with a person for the first time — even 10 seconds of mild interest — it’s as though a fisherman cast his line and now the two of you are hooked. Stretching the line between your aura and the aura of the other person. This is your cord of attachment to that person.

Your cord of attachment is all the emotions and thoughts you have. It’s your spiritual tie to that other person. Containing every bit of the love, the learning, the sweetness, the anger, despair, sadness, and judgment.

The other person has a cord as well. That cord is not up to us to create or sever. If their cord fades over time, it’s less persistent in your life. This is why we hear ‘protect your energy’.

A cord is your judgment, decision, conclusion, thoughts, and feelings regarding a person, situation, or belief structure.

There are beliefs by some leaders in the energy healing community that a cord can never be broken or cut. That’s a belief in a construct of their making. You can choose your own reality.

Good news, there’s a way to sever cords. You can receive relief from energetic healing or therapy. You can work with reiki, crystals, volcanic glass, affirmations, and essential oils to help release and cut those cords.

Strengthening your life force (chi) by activating and clearing energy through mediation, reiki, and qigong helps you to gain awareness of thoughts and emotions. Your self-confidence and compassion grow. This can allow you to resolve new and old issues.

You can use black obsidian to gently “comb” through your energetic field around the body whenever you’re feeling like you have these energetic cords tugging on you.  Similar to how you would do a sage smudge; going all around the body. While you’re combing with the obsidian, you can say an affirmation like: “I sever all cords and attachments that do not serve my highest good.”

You can layer the energy work with an essential oil for the purpose of cutting cords. Elixirs infused with snowflake obsidian are helpful to release what is stuck in and around your body.

It’s always a good idea to maintain your energetic hygiene by doing some sort of energy work at home or with a healing practitioner at least weekly. Doing this is like defragging the hard drive of a computer by restoring all of your chakras back into alignment, allowing you to start fresh. When you are maintaining your energetic hygiene; it’s a lot less likely for these energetic cords to get stuck into your energetic field. If you leave those cords in place for a really long time, they start to affect you emotionally and eventually can manifest on a physical level. Do you have an achy shoulder – life is a burden. Pain in your hip – fear of moving forward. Good energetic hygiene prevents physical pain to manifest in the body from energetic cords!

Renee Robertson, is a Certified Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and Licensed NJ Massage Therapist. This information has been gathered over a lifetime of clients and self-practice.

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