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Amazonite tumbled stone

Amazonite tumbled stone

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Amazonite soothes worry and fear. Eliminate the need to control someone or the need to be controlled in a relationship. Dispels negative energy and aggravation, this helps the ebbs and flows of relationships. Amazonite encourages you to express yourself in an even keeled, balanced way. No more flying off the handle, smooth that energy out! It is known to relieve muscle spasms and balance calcium deficiencies. Cool!

Chakra: Throat, Heart

Astrological Sign: Aries, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio

Tumbled stones are approximately 1 1/10" L x 9/10" W x 1/2" H

Stones vary in size, shape and color since they are natural and come from Mother Earth. Some amazonite stones have white flecks and striations. The photos demonstrate the natural color variations. Most stones are over 1". We donate and gift stones that we wouldn't consider worthy of your purchase.

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