Sparkles and Spirit

Awake Crystal-Infused Oil


Live in a harmony with your mind and spirit with Awake oil. Ever sit and wonder what is really going on in this world? Connect to your true knowing and see further than what is directly in front of your eyes with the help of Awake oil. Avoid feeling left out and fooled in this world. In every day situations, the strong combination of crystals and oils make your awareness of other people's actions come into a clear focus.  Awake oil will enhance your conscious work to remove the blocks in your mind and in your space that prevent you from seeing things as they are. Enjoy this awakening of your mind.

Essential oils of angelica root, bay, carrot seed, clary sage, cypress, frankincense, galbanum, lavender, neroli, nutmeg, peppermint, and rosemary with howlite crystals in grapeseed oil. 

.33 FL OZ / 10 ML glass with metal roller ball

Shown with howlite 4mm and 8mm bracelets in last photo.

Roll on the skin to deepen your third eye connection. Howlite teaches patience. This gem is chosen most often for meditation, healing past lives, and spiritual awakening. Excellent for calming the overactive mind and insomnia. Total balance for mind, body, and spirit. Third-eye opener!

Angelica Root - alleviates hopelessness, connect with angels

Bay - peace and protection

Carrot seed - draws in spiritual energy, brain balance

Clary sage - enhanced clarity, releases mind chatter

Cypress - removes toxins

Frankincense - purifies the mind

Galbanum - creative energy, spiritual work

Lavender - relaxes the body

Neroli - sense of bliss, reduced irritation

Nutmeg - energizing and centering

Peppermint - stimulates conscious thought

Rosemary - boosts mental activity

Howlite - calming patience

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