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Chakra Balancing Crystal-Infused Oil

Chakra Balancing Crystal-Infused Oil

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Your chakras are in perfect alignment from self-balancing or a session healer. Now, what do you do? Many of us just go on our merry way and continue what we've always done. What if you brought daily connection to your body, mind, and spirit?

When we use the Chakra Balancing oil we are aligning every day. This repetition creates greater awareness of self. With repetition, we can feel when we aren't aligned...we don't have to wait for catastrophe.

When we are in-touch with our body and feelings daily we can get a better sense of our insecurity, malaise, anxiety, sadness, that sickening walking-on eggshells feeling, mind fog, and more when it hits us. Instead of wondering weeks later how did we get here?? With awareness we can ask ourselves what we can do to return that chakra to balance. Without the awareness, we don't ask and fall into deeper misalignment creating sickness or disease in our body. 

Roll on the skin to bring balance to your chakras.

The crystals and essential oils assist in balancing the seven major energy centers. Feel your energy shift with the power of the reiki-infused crystals in this oil.

.33 FL OZ / 10 ML glass with metal roller ball, in grapeseed oil.

Supportive Chakra Stones 

Root: survival, security
Sacral: pleasure, life experiences
Solar Plexus: confidence, self-worth
Heart: love, inner peace
Throat: communication, expression of feelings
Third Eye: intuition, wisdom
Crown: spiritual connection, bliss

Eucalyptus - clears distractions

Lavender - relaxes the body

Lemongrass - promotes a positive outlook

Myrrh - awakens awareness of the higher self

Rose Absolute - alleviates symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

Tangerine - invigorates the body and mind

Ylang-Ylang - induces sensuality

Amethyst - nature's tranquilizer, mental health

Carnelian - being present, calms emotions

Citrine - bolsters self-esteem, decision making

Clear Quartz - transmutes energy

Green Aventurine -attracts success

Red Jasper - earth connection, calming

Sodalite - eases fears, solidarity

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