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Chalcedony tumbled stone

Chalcedony tumbled stone

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Chalcedony enhances listening skills and communication. Already thinking of someone who needs this?! It’s helpful for learning new languages and improves memory. Chalcedony helps to clear illnesses associated with the changes in weather. It is helpful in relieving nerve pain, stimulates lymph flow, clears respiratory system, and eye health.

Chakra: Throat, Third Eye

Astrology: Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius

Tumbled stones are approximately 9/10" L x 1/2" W x 1/2" H

Stones vary in size, shape and color since they are natural and come from Mother Earth. Some chalcedony stones have white flecks and white, gold and blue striations. The photos demonstrate the natural color variations. Some stones are over 1". We donate and gift stones that we wouldn't consider worthy of your purchase.

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