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Sweet Dreams rest and relaxation bundle

Sweet Dreams rest and relaxation bundle

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 The crystals and essential oils in sweet dreams usher in a sense of tranquility. Feel serenity wash over you as you gently fall asleep with the help of this energetic spray. 

The crystals and essential oils in Tension Tammer will aide in eliminating tension and stress. 

This is a kit to help with sleeping and relaxing and sweet dreams will help lull you to sleep, while the tension tamer will eliminate tension in the muscles. 

ware the bracelet thought out the day to have a calm state of mind.

Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart. Reassuring during any trauma or crisis. Draws in love and summons relationships.

Clear Quartz transmutes energy-great to program with an intention/mantra/prayer. Known as a deep soul cleanser. Helpful in unlocking memories. 

Amethyst balances emotional highs and lows. Supports your emotions during moments of grief and stress. Acts as a natural tranquilizer (natural is best!) and aids in overcoming addictions. Yesss! 

(1) Rose quartz, clear quartz, and amethyst 6mm bracelet $12.00

(1)  Sweet Dreams 4 oz crystal-infused spray $22.00

(1) Sweet Dreams crystal-infused oil $14.00

(1) Amethyst tumbled stone $3.00

(1) Rose quartz tumbled   $3.00

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