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Sparkles and Spirit

Cord cuting crystal bundle

Cord cuting crystal bundle

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 Cord cutting is a vital ritual for maintaining your wellbeing. When we set the intention to release what no longer serves us, we are saying to the universe we would like more of what does. Reading the spiritual significance of each of these oils below will show you the significance of this combination. The transformation coming your way, with each mist, is amazing.  

 Cauldrons are practical  and symbolic when burning the list of what no longer serves you. 

Palo Santo trees are protected by regulations and have to be harvested in a sustainable way so only dead trees and fallen branches can be acquired. Use it as you would sage. The pleasant aroma is the striking difference 

Snowflake obsidian transmutes and reflects energy away from the wearer. It promotes honesty and keeps us on our divine path. Get rid of what no longer serves your highest good with this stone!

Blue Cypress - releases emotional and physical irritation

Blue Tansy - calms chaotic situations 

Chamomile - willpower, sense of purpose

Geranium - release emotional and mental baggage, cleanses aura

Grapefruit - release mental chatter, restore spiritual purpose

Jasmine - attracts spiritual and physical love

Lavandin - soothes deep sadness

Lime - enhances mood

Rose Absolute - alleviates symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression

Sandalwood - promotes inner peace

Spearmint - clears the mind, sharpens senses

Tangerine - invigorates the body and mind

Ylang-Ylang - induces sensuality

Snowflake Obsidian - reflects energy, removes cords and attachments


(1) Caldron $19.00

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