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Happiness Crystal-Infused Oil, Carnelian chip, and Citrine Buddha bracelets

Happiness Crystal-Infused Oil, Carnelian chip, and Citrine Buddha bracelets

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Take happiness to the next level with this gift set! Oil and 2 bracelets!

6mm round beads of genuine Citrine and 8mm Clear Quartz with 4 yellow crystal rounds. 4-10mm chip beads of genuine carnelian. Fits most small to medium sized wrists. Model’s wrist circumference is 6 1/2 inches.

Sometimes when you're feeling good, you want to feel even better. Then there are moments of despair, and you know you need to shift your focus to something better. Introducing Happiness! Enhance your good mood or shift a sour mood into something more pleasing. These aromas signal your brain to get happy!

Roll on the skin to connect to the joy that is within you. Feel these oils gently infuse in your body to bring out that true happiness from within. 

The crystals and essential oils invigorate the vibe of happiness. The feelings of full enthusiasm and joyous expression are amplified through this energetic oil.

.33 FL OZ / 10 ML glass roller ball with metal roller in grapeseed oil.

Bergamot - inner courage, happiness

Grapefruit - release mental chatter, restore spiritual purpose

Sweet Orange - Sweet Orange - connect to inner child, playful

Tangerine - invigorates the body and mind

Citrine - bolsters self-esteem, decision making

Rose Quartz - reassurance 

Carnelian - being present, calms emotions

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