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Sparkles and Spirit

Awake Crystal bundle

Awake Crystal bundle

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Live in a harmony with your mind and spirit with Awake Crystal-Infused Spray. Ever sit and wonder what is really going on in this world? Connect to your true knowing and see further than what is directly in front of your eyes with the help of Awake. Avoid feeling left out and fooled in this world. In every day situations, the strong combination of crystals and oils make your awareness of other people's actions come into a clear focus.  Awake will enhance your conscious work to remove the blocks in your mind and in your space that prevent you from seeing things as they are. Enjoy this awakening of your mind.  

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. The name means “Holy Wood“ and is used in spiritual rituals for it’s cleansing and healing properties. 

Selenite's energy clears etheric blockages allowing for a freer flow of energy through the chakras. Clears you mentally, so you are able to see deeply into a situation. This is the only stone that doesn't allow in outside influences

Howlite teaches patience. This gem is chosen most often for meditation, healing past lives, and spiritual awakening. Excellent for calming the overactive mind and insomnia. Total balance for mind, body, and spirit. Third-eye opener!


(1) Awake 2 oz spray $24.00

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(1) Howlite 4 mm bracelet $10.00

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