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Sparkles and Spirit

Meditation Crystal-Infused Spray

Meditation Crystal-Infused Spray

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Sitting in meditation or prayer is one of the most spiritual rituals we get to do. We get to do it. With all of the effort we put into it, why do we feel like a failure sometimes? This oil reminds us that the act of going back into the state of stillness and returning to the breath is the victory...each and every time we come out of that stillness and then return. Our mind can wander. These scents bring focus to our attention and send signals to the overactive mind to relax during this period of stillness.

Setting the mood for meditation is key to tapping into the universal energy and receive your intention. The essential oils in this spray enhance your focus and reception. Use this every time you meditate to signal your brain that it is time to travel deeply into the information that is available to you. 

Gently shake and spray above your head and around your body to enhance the connection to your body.

The essential oils magnify the energies of focus, concentration, and community. Feel the fluid connection in your medication practice.

Select the 2 oz or 4 oz size. Glass bottles with gold fine mist sprayers in distilled water.

Fragonia - releases mental/emotional blocks, harmonizes auric field

Frankincense - purifies the mind

Juniper Berry - spiritual connection

Lemon - mentally uplifting

Myrrh - awakens awareness of the higher self

Fluorite - Fluorite - focus, organization

Labradorite - intuition, working with others

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